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Moni Moisturizer

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Moni Moisturizer

Moni Moisturizer is an elixir of organic handmade natural essential oils formulated with shea butter that provides scalp hydration and continuous radiant shine throughout the hair and scalp.   When applied to the scalp it feeds and nourishes the scalp at the root, because healthy hair begins with the root of the hair shaft.  The essential oils stimulates nourishment to the scalp and the shea butter polishes the hair shaft.

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Natural Hair Growth & Restoration

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“When Monique started my hair care regimen in August 2014, my hair was very dry and thin. She convinced me that frequent moisturizing with natural hair products and frequent scalp massages were the mainstay for healthy hair. Almost a year later, my hair is longer and healthier following years of relaxers and flat iron processes. I am grateful to Monique for passion and divinely inspired gift of selflessly caring for individuals with natural hair.”

-a satisfied


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Moni Moisturizer made my hair soft without it feeling greasy.  Its an excellent moisturizer for my hair.  It helped to grow my hair and made my edges thicker than ever. I love how it feels on my scalp. I highly recommend this product.

Raquel Kirksey
satisfied customer

OMG! I LOVE this moisturizer! It’s light, it smells AMAZING, and started melting when I rubbed my hands together! You have a New Loyal Customer! Just one question. Does it come in a bigger container? If so, I want two!

Sharon Hale, MK IBC
Satisfied Customer

I’ve been using Moni Moisturizer for about a month now. The product is AWESOME! I’ve noticed that I’m getting more hair growth on the top of my scalp where it was thinning.

Walter A.
Satisfied Customer

I just washed my hair and applied the moisturizer. I feel it tingling and it smells awesome!

Aisha Henry
Satisfied Customer